Royal Highland Festival

Announcing the Dates for the 4th Royal Highland Festival at Laya:

23rd and 24th October, 2019.

Laya is a beautiful village in the highlands of Gasa Dzongkhag, connected to the nearest road by a pony trail that takes roughly 4-6 hours to complete. The Royal Highland festival displays the unique culture of the highland communities of Bhutan, who congregate here during the event.

Competitions of strength, an exhibition of the most important animals of the region- yaks, horses and mastiffs, the hearty highland cuisine, and the song and dance that show the gaiety and resilience underpinning the lives of a people who continue to eke out a living in the most difficult terrain, make this a very special festival.

Immerse yourselves in an otherworldly experience.

Attendees can opt to trek through stunning mountain trails or be dropped on location by helicopter.

Home stays are a very popular and certainly unmissable experience, full of cosy blankets, bhukharis, delicious homemade meals, and the warm welcome of your hosts, the resilient people of Laya, who have learnt over generations, to master the bare and unforgiving mountains.

Welcome to Laya!